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Sumerian Records Responds To The Upon A Burning Body Hoax

Sumerian recordsRecently, Upon A Burning Body made a post claiming their vocalist Danny Leal has been reported missing and was last seen in his home town of San Antonio, TX on Monday, June 30th. Before Danny Leal was reported “missing” he did tweet “This same sketchy car has been driving past my house over and over for the past 3 days straight.” He then followed with: “Wide awake now … I could’ve sworn I heard someone in my house.”

After the news of his disappearance got out, the internet exploded with concerned friends and fans, even the band’s publicist at Sumerian Records went on to say “I have no news as to Danny’s whereabouts and am completely in the dark here myself.” A representative from the San Antonio Police Department said they do not have a missing persons report for a Danny Leal on record. After some time, the band finally broke the silence and released their new single “Red Razor Wrists” which you can check out here.

Sumerian Records CEO Ash Avildsen went on to say this was a “publicity stunt” and he had no knowledge of it. What do you think of this situation? Do you think it was a harmless joke or do you think the band should have promoted themselves differently? Let us know!  The full statement from Ash Avildsen can be read below after the jump.

Statement from Sumerian Records CEO Ash Avildsen

“I woke up to a ton of missed calls and just saw all this stuff about Danny Leal of UABB posing as that he’s been abducted or kidnapped. My phone hasn’t stopped ringing since. As a child, we all learn the story “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” and it sticks within our consciousness for a reason. I do not condone this type of publicity stunt. This was done behind my back and I am not OK with it. In my eyes, there’s never a time to use the possibility of real-life abduction, injury or murder of someone you care about to promote anything, especially an album. If you need to resort to that, then you have lost the plot. We as a society should have evolved past that way of thinking by now and especially within the rock/metal community, given all the tragedy that has happened in our world over the past few years. There are some people who owe us an apology.”

-Ash Avildsen, Creator & CEO of Sumerian Records.

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