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Album Review: Blue October – ‘I Hope You’re Happy’

“I hope you’re happy” is usually a snarky, slap-in-the-face retort, but for Texas band Blue October, it’s a genuine well wishing, and a genuinely fresh outlook.  An outlook that for many years, has been dark, dismal, and yes — pure rock. The 2018 release of I Hope You’re Happy, via Up/Down Records, and leadsinger Justin Furstenfeld’s label, Brando Records, is out Aug.17. Sobriety sounds good on the often tumultuous Blue October soundscapes, although — it is a stark contrast to what many fans may be used to. Furstenfeld doesn’t label…

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Beat the Heart 'Waiting For A Sequel' album Album Reviews Indie News Pop Reviews Rock 

ALBUM REVIEW: Beat the Heart ‘Waiting For A Sequel’

Hailing from Stockholm, indie/alternative rock band Beat the Heart – comprised of two pairs of brothers plus a friend for a fifth member – has recently released their newest EP, Waiting For A Sequel, on May 6th. While only a 4-track EP, Beat the Heart does well to reveal their artistry in a short amount of time, though the EP includes two 5+ minute songs for good measure. With this second album (after their debut, Glebe Market, that was released March 2013), Waiting For A Sequel is brimming with mellow…

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The Y Axes 'Sunglasses & Solar Flares' album Album Reviews Indie News Pop Reviews 

ALBUM REVIEW: The Y Axes ‘Sunglasses & Solar Flares’

Imagine approaching a venue of your local music scene. You can vaguely hear the band start to play as you approach the building, music slightly muted before you first open the door and walk towards the stage. That right there is essentially the introduction from San Francisco-based quartet The Y Axes’ new album Sunglasses & Solar Flares. The Y Axes describe their music as “drawing influence from a myriad era of popular and esoteric music to craft a fun original style” and I couldn’t agree more. This female-led indie pop…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Dirt Wizard: ‘No Son of Mine’

Kicking No Son Of Mine off with a powerful, gritty guitar introduction, leading into “Amis Tabu” the energy for the rest of the EP is set. It’s loud, it’s surprising, and hits you like a ton of bricks. The lyrics are good, though you may have to really try to hear them, but in many ways, this track showcases Dirt Wizard as a ’80s hair-metal-esque band, with some unique elements. “Fleas” seems to slow down a little bit, allowing the band’s collective talents to mesh beautifully, before jumping in with…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Desyre ‘Glamtron’

Glam Rock and the hard rock sounds of the 1980s typically referred to as “Hair Metal” have found a revival in the modern music scene starting in the mid-2000s and expanding into today’s music world.  One of the latest releases of these throw back sounds is Finland’s Desyre with their new album, appropriately titled Glamtron. Glamtron is a fun mix of synthesizers, djent riffs, and  singer, Mazi Bee, channeling Axl Rose without quite reaching that famous vocal range.  Overall the album has quality engineering work, with some nifty fade outs…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Pompeya ‘Tropical’

Looks like Russia being stuck in the 80’s has finally paid off. Introducing Tropical the new album from Pompeya. Saturday Night Fever meets Mogli. Jungle fever meets glam. The songs vary as does the mood, but the album does possess a comfortable and mellow feel, perfect for vibing. The music is a juxtaposition of funk, indie, and disco, and at times reminiscent of ’70s African Jazz legend Fela Kuti’s style. “Wait” is a great throwback to the disco era via breathy ABBA-like backup vocals. “Power” is an instant anthem, empowering…

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GUEST BLOG: In Defense Of The Rock Duet

The first rock duet I experienced was the epic “Summer Nights,” sung by rebel-turned-romantic Danny Zuko and good-girl-gone-(eventually) bad Sandy Olsson  in the movie Grease. In my 8-year-old mind, Danny was just all right (I found Kenickie’s scrappy-thug vibe much more intriguing) and Rizzo was WAY cooler than Sandy (I’m a natural brunette…and I’m Italian). But that duet had (cue Travolta/Newton-John “oh”) something special, a dreaminess and a longing that even Rizzo’s brassy, indomitable solo couldn’t achieve.  Later, “You’re The One That I Want” had Sandy and Danny at the carnival in…

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GUEST BLOG: Hasbro Children’s Hospital To Benefit From ‘Voiceless’ Sales

My name is Rich Antonelli and I want to take this opportunity to let you know about a project that I’ve just recently completed. Back in March of 2010, my then 7 year old daughter was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, a type of inflammatory bowel disease that may affect  any part of the gastrointestinal tract, causing pain, weight loss and other complications. It’s been 3 years now and Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence, RI has been a godsend for her and my family. As a father, I wanted to do…

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Artist Mixtapes: Tears For Annie

Tears For Annie was kind enough to share her ideal ’80s mixtape with us. You can check out the track list and listen yourself after the jump! Please follow and like us:

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