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6 Song Pre-Show Playlist 2014

I have certain songs that I listen to before I go on stage. I really try to get myself pumped up and in the zone to do the best I possibly can and inspire my audience. The songs I close are always the ones that get my adrenaline up and to make me crazy. Check them out! Please follow and like us:

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SHOW REVIEW: The Backstreet Boys Chicago, IL

Everybody, Backstreet’s back! With all of the members this time! With Kevin Richardson’s return to the Backstreet Boys in April 2013, their new In a World Like This tour feels like a big happy family reunion- and in every sense of the word. It is the first show of the tour and Brian Littrell’s son, 10 year old Baylee comes onstage for a short opening set. Before his first song is over, the entire audience is up dancing and cheering and ready for the next part of the concert. Please…

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