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ALBUM REVIEW: Adam Reczek ‘In the Night, For The Morning’

When you start listening to Andover, Massachusetts native Adam Reczek’s newest album In the Night, for the Morning, there will be something about his music that you’ll absolutely love… but you just won’t be able to put your finger on what it is exactly that keeps you listening. It might be his vocals that are at times wonderfully deep, or possibly the guitar twangs that embody the “folk” genre alongside magnificent electric guitar solos, reminding listeners that “rock” is also part of his sound. Or maybe it’s the overall retro…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Adam Reczek ‘The Lost & Found EP’

If you’re a regular reader of Infectious Magazine, you may remember our review from November of last year, in which we praised Adam Reczek’s Buttoned From the Bottom Up. If you loved that, then stay with us, because it’s about to get even better. Comprised of tracks written when Reczek was 15-18, The Lost & Found EP is a touching look into Reczek’s early years. Blending smooth vocals, even guitar playing, and a little harmonica for good measure makes for an EP that is both relaxing and alluring in its charm….

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Album Review: Adam Reczek “Buttoned From The Bottom Up”

I’m a sucker for a good album cover, and right off the bat Adam Reczek’s Buttoned From The Bottom Up makes an impression. Simple, yet evoking nostalgic memories of childhood picnics, carefree summer days and simpler times, it isn’t long before I realize his music draws out the same emotions. Beautifully crafted guitar tones open the album, and once again I’m brought back to days in the sun, and nights under the stars with “Leaves Are Leaving.” “Directions” follows suit, gaining traction as we’re introduced to coarse vocals, and upbeat…

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