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ALBUM REVIEW: Real Friends ‘Maybe This Place Is The Same And We’re Just Changing’

Let’s be honest: trying spit out the title of Real Friends’ newest album Maybe This Place Is The Same And We’re Just Changing off the top of your head is tough. Letting go of this album once you’ve listened to it is even tougher. We’ve all been a little skeptical since the band signed to Fearless Records. The question we’ve all wanted to know is: will Fearless preserve everything that Real Friends has built, including their knack for cynical lyrics and bony knees? The answer to this lies no further than in…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Me First And The Gimmie Gimmies ‘Are We Not Men? We Are Diva!’

By definition, the Me First And The Gimmie Gimmies formula is an obvious success: grab the biggest names on Fat Wreck Chords and hand them their respective instruments, pick out some critically successful songs from pop-culture for that wonder-lineup to turn into punk songs, pick out a theme to base the track list off of then throw on some silly costumes. Add lots of alcohol, and BAM you’re winning the hearts of thousands of greasy and aging skate punk lovers everywhere.  Now, you’d think that this formula would get old after…

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Album Review: Ninetails ‘Slept and Did Not Sleep’

From the get-go it seems that the members of Ninetails spent a better part of their youth listening to Radiohead’s Kid A.  It’s electronic-based music but with real members instead of just a computer. The very first song “Maybe We” is very ambient, with some delayed guitar picking that makes up the bulk of the song.   When a voice finally seeps through the din, it sounds just as distant and cold. The next song “Body Clock” isn’t quite as ambient but it still inhabits that same world. This time…

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Album Review: “Dead Language” – Moonlight Bridge

Dead Language by Moonlight Bridge is a moody affair. It relishes in its melancholy atmosphere with slow and dirge-like pianos, soft acoustic guitars and heart-felt vocals by frontman Justin Giles.  Like Latin (itself a dead language) Dead Language seems to come from a forgotten and lost time.  Almost immediately the listener is transported into the backwoods of the Appalachian Mountains. This type of music may no longer be ground-breaking, but like Latin it still proves to be vital. Individual songs don’t jump out from the speakers and scream “instant classic”….

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Feldspar “The Flat and Paper Sky Vol II” Album Review

It takes a lot of balls to have the first song on your EP void of instruments.  “The Flat and Paper Sky” that opens Feldspar’s The Flat and Paper Sky Vol II features just multi-tracked harmonies that wouldn’t feel out of place on a Fleet Foxes album.   It’s a bold move that works, in part because the voices sound angelic. It’s the voice that carries Feldspar.  On the next track “Bright Blue Eyes”, the band amps it up a bit with some bluesy and reverbed guitar.  It’s equal parts Ten-era…

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Brother Octopus ‘Tentacle Trauma; Album Review

  Tentacle Trauma by Brother Octopus plays like a 2000s version of the albums They Might Be Giants made in the 1980s.  They’re quirky and their songs are filled with lyrics about dinosaurs, aliens, Dr. Seuss and Vanilla Ice.  Like TMBG, Brother Octopus excels in a playful glee that makes it hard not to smile as you listen along. Musically, the duo (Brother Octopus and his female band-mate aptly named Lady Friend) offer a wide variety of sounds on Tentacle Trauma.  “Recreational Zoo” is an electronic tinged opener with atmospheric…

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