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BOOK REVIEW: ‘High Notes: A Rock Memoir’ By Richard Loren With Stephen Abney

When people consider the music industry, many probably think of it simply as the musicians themselves, combined with a few managers and groupies. Of course, we at Infectious Magazine know better. We know, and often talk with, many of the vast individuals that make the music world turn. From the managers and road crew all the way to the entertainment journalists and consumers – we all play a crucial role. Richard Loren was a well-known man in the early days of rock and roll. Having worked with various musical artists…

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GUEST BLOG: How To Be A Rock Star Without Turning Into Lindsay Lohan

A typical night before a show goes something like this: print out set list, play Tetris with the equipment to fit all of it into our cars, figure out how far the venue is and if we each have enough gas to get there. Of course we don’t, so off to the gas station. We get the last FB posts and texts out there: “Tonight!! Harmful if Swallowed is performing live at the (fill in a club here) Don’t miss out! Carlos will buy your first round! Cheers!” Then, drive…

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Velvet Underground Settle Warhol Banana Battle

The Velvet Underground have finally settled their lawsuit over the usage of the Andy Warhol Banana on their debut album The Velvet Underground & Nico. Previously the court had claimed that the band did not have rights to the usage of Warhol’s famed Banana pop art. The band’s representatives felt differently and continued to work to acquire a license for the picture. The case reached an end today as a “confidential out of court settlement” had been reached by all parties. You can purchase a CD and buy concert tickets…

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