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GUEST BLOG: Can I Do A Guest Blog If I Work Here? (A.K.A What My Mentors Have Taught Me)

I’m a music journalist (shocking, I know). What’s even more insane, at least for me? I’ve only been doing this a year, today actually. Today is the anniversary of my first review and may I say it was awful. It wasn’t so much spelling and grammar errors as much as the fact that I didn’t really talk about anything. You pretty much got a description of the audience for upwards of 500 words. Just…lets move on. So, how did my writing get better? How did I learn to be part…

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Haulix Interviews Infectious Magazine

You read that right! Our good friends at Haulix have taken the time to interview Infectious Magazine to discuss how we got started, what we look for in a press release, how to stand out and get YOUR band featured in media outlets, and of course, future plans (including our new PR service!) Check it all out right here, and support an amazing company. Please follow and like us:

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