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Hit The Lights Tease New Single

Only a short year after their EP Just to Get Through to You, Hit The Lights have a new jam ready for fans. Those who order exclusive merch will also get the track early. The rest will have to wait until May 15th, when “Anthem” drops for everyone to hear. Check out a teaser of the song and the exciting single info in a tweet from HTL after the jump! You can purchase a concert ticket here or buy a CD here! Please follow and like us:

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ALBUM REVIEW: New Medicine ‘Breaking the Model’

There are three things that put New Medicine near the top of my “new music I absolutely love” list. Number one: The theme behind their newest album Breaking the Model. The name says it all, and anyone who knows me will know that I’m all about stickin’ it to society. So far New Medicine is off to a good start in my book. Number two: This alternative rock quartet is from Minneapolis. It’s not that I feel obligated to like every band from good ol’ Minnesota, but when the band…

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WATCH: Gaslight Anthem Releases Music Video for “Get Hurt”

Gaslight Anthem has released a new music video for the title track of their upcoming album, ‘Get Hurt’.  The album is scheduled for release on August 12th. You can pre-order ‘Get Hurt’ here on vinyl, CD, or digital download. You can also buy tickets for Gaslight’s upcoming US and international tour dates here.   Check out the music video for “Get Hurt” below. Please follow and like us:

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ALBUM REVIEW: Ghost Town ‘The After Party’

High energy and a haunting theme is what you’ll find from electronic rock band Ghost Town’s new album, The After Party, out June 17th. Called an “audio and visual movement ahead of its time” on their Facebook page, as well as said to “[cater] to the young generation of today while keeping true to the underground scene they come from,” The After Party was definitely an interesting album as a first time Ghost Town listener. From what people would call a sort of “emo” sound that the band encompasses, to…

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Lullaby Blink-182 Songs By Sparrow Sleeps

If you have kids, or if you just like listening to music as you drift off to sleep, you’re in for a treat. Sparrow Sleeps, which is a guy with a baby who likes punk rock enough to turn punk rock songs into lullaby versions, has released Boob Ranch. Yes, Boob Ranch, which is a collection of your favorite Blink-182 songs in lullaby form. You can stream a few songs for free or purchase a CD for $10 on Bandcamp. It is so worth it if you want a pop punk baby. (Also, if…

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Anthem Made (Kellin Quinn) To Launch Exclusive Contest

Sleeping With Sirens front man Kellin Quinn’s clothing line, Anthem Made, has been a huge success. The line has held contests in the past that offered free merchandise and more to fans. Now, it is time for artistic fans of the brand to shine. A contest exclusively for artistically inclined Anthem Made fans will be revealed very soon. Check out a tweet from the clothing line after the jump. Please follow and like us:

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ALBUM REVIEW: Lacey ‘Outlaws’

No time for messing about; skip the small-talk, Lacey jumps right in with the opening track of the EP, “Hometown.” With an incredibly catchy beat, it’s hard to resist immediately bobbing your head to the beat. Each line seems to be relatable; most people can honestly admit they want more out of life than what they’ve got right now. Such as wanting to get out of their hometown, and feeling like the only way to get it was to get away from the place you’ve been forever. Honestly, this is…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Tonight Alive ‘The Other Side’

Although female vocalists are perhaps not as few and far between as they once were, they still seem to be somewhat of a rarity in the world of pop punk. For a short time, bands with female vocalists seemed to be appearing everywhere, perhaps hoping to mirror bands that had really taken off with ladies leading the way. Does the band Paramore ring a bell? While the popularity of many of these bands may have faded, Tonight Alive has managed to obtain quite a large fan base not just in…

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New Found Glory To Release ‘Kill It Live’ On Vinyl

Recently, Florida rock band, New Found Glory, announced that it would be releasing an album called Kill It Live, consisting of a twenty-song set performed at Southern California’s Chain Reaction venue.  Earlier today, the band added that the album would also be available in vinyl, the pre-orders for which going on sale sometime tomorrow, as part of the band’s ongoing partnership with Bridge 9 Records.  Purchase a CD here and buy concert tickets here. View the live album tracklisting after the jump.   Please follow and like us:

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REVIEW: Among Giants/Aspiga Split

Orlando rock outfit Among Giants recently collaborated with Aspiga, to create a split EP, with each band claiming two tracks on the release. It is an interesting collaboration, as both bands are quite different. Among Giants take the last two tracks, with the first  being “In The Jungle.” The interesting, organic guitar work draws the listener in right away. What is also striking about the track is the vocal delivery. Its pace and clarity is almost reminiscent of Johnny Cash: rather than sensitive, polished crooning, a story is told with a…

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