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WATCH: Modern Baseball Perform “Apartment” Acoustic

Sometimes, the only thing better than a song you love is a new version of it. Whether it is stripped down or remixed, a new spin on an old favorite can always deliver for a fan. Modern Baseball released a new version of their song “Apartment” and performed an exclusive acoustic performance. You can check it out after the jump! You can purchase a CD here or buy concert tickets here! Please follow and like us:

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Five Songs For Travel

Traveling, whether you’re in a car, plane, train, or just walking, can be tedious. For a music lover, having the perfect music is essential when on the move. Pretending that your life has its own soundtrack is one of the few pleasures in life, and when you’re traveling, it’s even easier to imagine it. There are songs that will put you in a traveling, introspective mood, and there are ones that will cheer you up when you’re walking that last block back to your apartment. These are just a few….

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Fall Out Boy Announce Video Series

Fall Out Boy will be releasing a two part video series that visits the apartment where Patrick, Pete and Joe lived while the band was making Take This To Your Grave. Part one premieres next week. Head below to watch a video announcement from the band. You can purchase a CD from FOB here. View tour dates and buy concert tickets for the upcoming Save Rock and Roll tour here. Please follow and like us:

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GUEST BLOG: Jillette Johnson

 I am not a robot. I’ve been saying this to myself a lot recently. Not so much to remind me of my humanity, but to forgive myself for my lack of machine. I write a lot of songs, and I’ve done so since I was a very little girl. I do it because I love it, and because I crave it. I don’t think about if it’s a hit, or what kind of audience I’m singing to, or who I could be helping. I’m excavating a part of me that…

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Sense Fail Studio Update

Senses Fail have released another studio update. Check out the full update here and an excerpt below. Sorry it’s taken me a while to update.  We have been really busy finishing bass at the Airport Studios and celebrating Thanksgiving.  I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving, because we sure did. The days leading up to it were pretty relaxed.  A few of our significant others came to town to celebrate Thanksgiving with us so that was cool.  We played lots of bass and drank beer back at our apartment once…

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