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INDUSTRY INTERVIEW: Cynthia Kahn (Amused Now)

In today’s industry interview, we chat with Amused Now founder Cynthia Kahn. If you’re not already familiar with the entertainment hub that is Amused Now, let us be the first to tell you: it’s awesome. Run by Kahn, the site brings talented creative individuals into the spotlight with their guest blogs, in depth interviews, and exclusive content. Now, I meet a lot of passionate individuals in this line of work, and let me tell you that Kahn is no exception. Always eager to promote local artists, authors, filmmakers and more, she puts her…

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Artist Mixtapes: Suzuki Method

Suzuki Method were kind enough to share their ideal ’80s mixtape with us. You can check out the track list and listen yourself after the jump! Please follow and like us:

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Guest Blog: Charlie Yang ‘Artistic Integrity’

There are plenty of difficulties being a musician in this day and age. With file sharing and easily accessible illegal downloads hitting the music industry so hard, labels can barely afford to take the leaps they used to in signing new artists. Once upon a time, a scout would walk into a venue, hear a band they loved, and offer them a deal. Today, even if the band rocks so hard it makes you tingle in your special places, a scout probably still wouldn’t be able to offer them any…

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