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ALBUM REVIEW: Hands Like Houses ‘Unimagine’

Australia’s Hands Like Houses burst onto the scene last year after an impressive debut on Rise Records. It was not the typical release you would expect from Rise – rather, it was a breath of fresh air.  Recently, Hands Like Houses have released a follow up, continuing their own take on rock music without normal hard rock staples like the familiar breakdown. Please follow and like us:

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Guest Blog: Charlie Yang ‘Artistic Integrity’

There are plenty of difficulties being a musician in this day and age. With file sharing and easily accessible illegal downloads hitting the music industry so hard, labels can barely afford to take the leaps they used to in signing new artists. Once upon a time, a scout would walk into a venue, hear a band they loved, and offer them a deal. Today, even if the band rocks so hard it makes you tingle in your special places, a scout probably still wouldn’t be able to offer them any…

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