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PLAYLIST: Growing Up Angie

Hello Infectious Readers! I’m Angela Flores. I am 19-years-old and am currently a student at Texas A&M University. I have been writing for Infectious Magazine since June of 2014 and still get excited every time I start writing a piece. I wouldn’t trade my time here for anything. Growing up, music has always been a part of my life. Between listening to my mother’s oldies CD’s and my father’s tejano radio stations, I’ve learned to appreciate different genres of music, regardless of whether or not they’re top hits. Below are…

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Interview: The Maine (2013)

In life, we stumble across musicians who play a large portion of our soundtrack; they put music to moments, and give words to the thoughts we have none for. The Maine have managed to become a band that play an instrumental (excuse the pun) role in the soundtrack of their fans, providing the songs that will be the anthems for their childhood, their early adulthood, and who knows how much more? Jared Monaco, The Maine’s lead guitarist, sat down with Infectious Magazine and spoke about the latest addition to the…

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