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LIVE REVIEW: My Goodness W/ Adventure Galley Crystal Ballroom Portland, OR

When a radio station sells 94-cent tickets to an “I Saw Them When” show, don’t go with any expectations. But if you do, and My Goodness is on the bill, you’ll have your expectations blown out of the water. Please follow and like us:

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ALBUM REVIEW: My Goodness ‘Shiver + Shake’

With only two members, My Goodness has a powerful and memorable sound. Joel Schneider attacks each phrase with strong vocals accompanied by well-placed reverb. After hearing this album just once, the words and melody will stick with you. The album explodes with potential anthems. The title track, “Shiver + Shake,” combines Andy Lum’s drumming and Schneider’s vocals and guitar perfectly. Its waltz rhythm suggests a bluesy hard-driving sea shanty whose rhythm lasts well after the last chord. Please follow and like us:

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