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Rival Summers To Drop New EP “Undeniable”

Remember boy bands? The swooning you felt every time Backstreet Boys (or N’Sync, if that was your thing) came on the radio? That’s the first thing I think of as I tune in to the latest release by Detroit pop duo Rival Summers, made up of Leo Bautista and Sam Ridgell. With breathy vocals reminiscent of early Copeland, this duo are releasing honest, uplifting, positively inspiring music that you just can’t help but sway to. Produced by Jesse Barrera (Tori Kelly, Us The Duo, Avalon Young), and funded with the support of their…

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The Rise And Fall Of Boy Bands

Boy bands. They’re groups of singing, walking-talking Ken dolls, whose songs and dance moves make every teenage girl swoon. Yes, that’s totally stereotypical, but these boy bands must be doing something right, since they’ve remained a consistent trend in the music industry. The boy band craze arguably began with the iconic Jackson 5, a group that established the “ABC’s”and “123’s” for future groups.  New Kids on the Block, NSYNC, and Backstreet Boys later sculpted the squeaky clean image associated with boy bands today. The early 2000s saw boy bands steer…

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GUEST BLOG: Solve A Problem & Start A Business

Have you ever experienced something and thought, “There has got to be a better way to do this?” Next time that happens hold onto that thought, because solving the problem could turn into a full time business.  It’s safe to say, if you solve a problem you are having, others could benefit from that solution too (and pay you money for your solution). Please follow and like us:

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