Anti-Flag ’20 Years Of Hell’ 7″ Subscription Series Released

Anti-Flag is celebrating their tenure in the punk music scene with a 7″/digital subscription series entitled 20 Years Of Hell for their fans. The series will feature re-recordings of their most important songs from their history and a digital membership card, which grants exclusive access to downloads and other web features such as live video chats and performances by the band. The content of each 7″ A-side has been released, and you can check out the six volumes content after the jump. The B-sides will be announced as the series progresses,…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Count To Four ‘Between Two Cities’

The album kicks off with the energetic “I Hope Not,” which displays the very familiar scenario of waiting to tell someone how you feel. However, Count to Four takes a fresh approach. Rather than a slow, romantic ballad, they’ve created an up-tempo declaration, which is the perfect way to begin an album. Please follow and like us:

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