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GUEST BLOG: Buddy Up With Bands

At some point as a music lover or a musician, you’re inevitably going to be part of some shows with sparse crowds, especially when bands start getting further away from their home town. We’ve all done it at one point or another, and chances are, we’ll all do it again at some point. We recently drove 175 miles for a mid-week show with another touring band, only to find out that the two local bands who were going to headline had both dropped out at the last minute. The show…

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Moones “Better Energy” Interactive Music Video

After this, I can say I have seen it all. British band Moones has released an interactive music video for their song “Better Energy.” Having recorded four takes of the song, all with different levels of alcohol consumption-ranging from 0-80 beers, Moones have set the video up so that the viewer can see their increased intoxication and their decreased playing skills first hand. Please follow and like us:

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The Menzingers Releasing ‘On The Possible Past’

The Menzingers will be releasing a collection of eight acoustic demos which were recorded during the winter and spring of 2011. The collection will be called On The Possible Past. Check out the artwork and a message from the band below. “On The Possible Past” is a collection of eight acoustic demos recorded during the winter/spring of 2011 that showcase a portion of “On the Impossible Past” in its earliest form. Recorded in our bedrooms after what was usually too many beers, these versions were the start of this crazy…

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