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PHOTOS: Linkin Park at Guitar Center’s RockWalk Induction

Linkin Park is now the most recent band to be inducted into Guitar Center’s RockWalk. Since their first album Hybrid Theory was released in 2000, they’ve reached great heights within the world of music by having mixed in rock, hip-hop, and electronic sound. Throughout the years they have proved successful; time and time again. Please follow and like us:

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The Musician’s Closet: Fall Out Boy

Another group fond of t-shirts and leather, Fall Out Boy is a leader in men’s too-cool-to-care fashion. Though they are growing a little older, they still manage to look effortlessly cool, with leather jackets, jeans, combat boots, and shaggy hair. Pete Wentz, who plays bass for the band, has been credited for making makeup acceptable for straight men all over the world.  His trademark smudge of eyeliner (especially circa 2007) and emo haircut are both usually present every time FOB performs. Patrick Stump,who sings lead vocals, is known mostly for…

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