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GUEST BLOG: Artists vs. Venues – A Love Story

Based on a true story: Artist: Hey, can my band play here? Venue: Sure, we have an open Thursday night. How many people you bringing in? Artist: What? Oh, um … I don’t know. Do you want to hear our music? Venue: Nah. If you’re good people will show up, right? Artist: Um, I guess. Venue: Good. Here’s 50 tickets. You need to sell a minimum of 25 for $10. Beyond that, you get $1 per ticket you sell. Artist: Oh, okay. But it’s a weeknight, what if we can…

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INDUSTRY INTERVIEW: Jordannah Elizabeth (The Deli, SF Weekly, MTV Networks)

There’s nothing we love more at Infectious than hard working, passionate, ambitious people, and the Bay Area’s Jordannah Elizabeth is just that. With a long list of experience that includes work at The Deli San Francisco, SF Weekly, and MTV Networks, we’re just grateful Jordannah had time to chat with us! Check out our interview with this incredible songstress (oh yeah, did we mention she’s also a musician?) below.  Please follow and like us:

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INDUSTRY INTERVIEW: Lawanda Johnson (Limerence Magazine)

Infectious Magazine recently chatted with Limerence Magazine editor Lawanda Johnson to discuss how she propelled herself into the field, advice for aspiring journalists and music industry hopefuls, how NOT to submit to a blog for coverage, and the power of social media. Check it out below.   Please follow and like us:

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ALBUM REVIEW: Nervous ‘Decode’

A great many talented individuals have come from of Boston throughout history — New Kids on the Block, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (and his brother Casey, of course), Aerosmith, Dropkick Murphys, Captain America himself (Chris Evans), Godsmack… the list goes on and on! Needless to say, when I listened to the debut album Decode from Boston-based band Nervous, my expectations were possibly a little higher than they should have been. I wasn’t entirely disappointed. The 9-track Decode is more or less an intriguing one. With vocals that, at times,…

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Tony Thaxton Talks About Robin Williams, Depression & Leaving Motion City Soundtrack

The news of Robin Williams’s death has hit millions of people hard, and Tony Thaxton is no exception. In response to the tragedy, the former member of Motion City Soundtrack wrote a blog post that delves deeply into his own struggle with depression and his reasons for leaving the band. Check out what he had to say below, after the jump. If you want to hear some music from Thaxton’s current band, The Pride Of Erie PA, purchase a CD here. And for more from Motion City Soundtrack, purchase a…

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INDUSTRY INTERVIEW: Jordan Mohler (Kill The Music)

 In honor of Small Business Week, we’re going to be bringing you a week of new interviews with industry professionals—one right after the other. Today we’re chatting with Kill The Music blog/podcast owner Jordan Mohler to discuss starting a blog, running a podcast, and more. Check it out below! Please follow and like us:

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INDUSTRY INTERVIEW: Joe Ballard (Mind Equals Blown)

In honor of Small Business Week, we’re going to be bringing you a week of new interviews with industry professionals—one right after the other. Kicking things off is Joe Ballard, editor and hiring manager at Mind Equals Blown, as well as freelance editor for several independent authors. Check it out below! Please follow and like us:

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Tay Jardine (We Are The In Crowd) Blogs About Growing As A Band

Tay Jardine of We Are The In Crowd recently wrote a new post for her blog. In it, she talks about what it has been like growing as a band and always striving to continue to improve as a whole. You can check out the post in its entirety below, after the jump. We Are The In Crowd has a ton of tour dates for this Spring! You can see if they’ll be coming to a city near you and buy concert tickets here. And you can purchase a CD…

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Jack Antonoff Blogs About Bleachers

Jack Antonoff of the band fun. has written a blog to share some details about his new project, Bleachers, with his fans. You can check it out below, after the jump. You can purchase a CD of Bleacher’s new single here. And to catch the band at Firefly Music Festival, you can buy concert tickets here. Please follow and like us:

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Purchase Prints From Concert Photographers

If you attend a concert, chances are there is a moment in the show you wish you could have captured. More than likely, the band performing has a photographer that is taking pictures for them and it is more than like that the photographer has a blog with the pictures. The chances are pretty high that the photographer sells their prints too. Adam Elmakias, photographer for bands like Pierce the Veil and A Day to Remember, has his own website where you can purchase prints from both on stage and…

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