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ALBUM REVIEW: Jonathan Hall ‘Rattling Bones’

Musically speaking, America has a tendency to leap onto bandwagons, even if that wagon seems about ready to burst. If one person has success somewhere, many others of a similar nature emerge, as though there were a movement of like-minded groups and artists waiting around the bend for someone to break the ice and get the ball of acceptance rolling. That notion may explain the harsh checklist of credentials one faces when attaching themselves to a genre of music. Where do they come from? How legitimate are they? Some can…

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The Musician As Curator

In a lecture delivered in 1992 at Sadler’s Wells Theater in London, musical innovator Brian Eno cleverly assessed the role of the creative individual within a post-modern society: he eloquently foretold the growing importance of the curator in many mediums (from media spin doctors to DJ’s, from art curators to film editors), and hinted at a culture which no longer clings to a fundamentalist view of quality in the arts, but instead opens up to more individualistic interpretations. When I consider the present state of music, these thoughts seem especially…

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Peter Gabriel Cover Album To Feature Arcade Fire, Bon Iver And More

Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, Brian Eno, David Byrne and more are releasing an album entitled And I’ll Scratch Yours on September 23. The album is in response to one that Peter Gabriel released with covers of the aforementioned artists. Check out the track listing and some videos for the covers after the drop. The album is currently available for preorder and you can purchase a CD here or on iTunes.   Please follow and like us:

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