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“God Only Knows”… How Important Music Is To Us All

A few days ago, one of my all-time favorite franchises, BBC, released a cover of “God Only Knows” originally recorded by The Beach Boys. “Cool….but, so what?” You may be asking. The moral of this (short) story is BBC Music pulled in 29 musicians from radically different backgrounds to collaborate on one song by one of the most influential bands of the past century; that’s what! The list of names literally made me yell “Hell yeah!” as the parade of musicians filtered through the incredibly popular Youtube video playing on…

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Queen To Release New Album

Queen guitarist, Brian May, did an interview on BBC radio recently. In this interview he revealed that Queen is releasing a new album tentatively titled Queen Forever. This album will be a compilation album similar to their 1995 album Made in Heaven, which used pre-recorded vocals from before Freddie Mercury passed away. May also revealed that Queen has been workshopping a follow-up musical to “We Will Rock You.” Before any of this happens, however, Queen will be joining Adam Lambert on a 24-date tour starting on June 19 at Chicago’s United Center…

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Top 5 Bands That Make Musicians Want To Quit

Greetings! Over here at Camp Flannel Mouth in Peoria, Illinois, we tend to put music and musicians alike on very prestigious and almost superhuman levels. Our environment celebrates musical talent to the point where you don’t even have to be that good to get attention, which has led to the demise (and consequential rebuild) of the local scene here. However we’ve found ourselves walking to the beat of completely different drums through it all, enduring the waves of sludgy nu-metal and screaming-verse-singing-chorus-breakdown-hardcore in order to “break out” of our scene….

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Freddie Mercury And Michael Jackson Duets To Be Released

The two greatest pop singers in history will get their duets finally posthumously released.  Queen’s Brian May announced earlier today that the songs recorded 30 years ago by Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson will be seeing the light of day some time later this year.  The two could not release the tracks initially as there was a significant amount of friction that prevented them from recording enough material for a whole release. Keep your eyes and ears posted for this one. You can purchase a CD from Queen here. You…

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