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SXSW: Behind The Scenes With The Trash Pop Icons

I think it’s safe to say that SXSW is a like the great pilgrimage to mecca, but the pilgrims are musicians and music fans, and mecca is 6th street in downtown Austin, TX. As we sat at a bar in SFO, waiting to board our flight, we met a young girl equally as tired and excited as we were to share our flight full of musicians and industry professionals, and join the madness that was scheduled to begin hours before we landed.  We quickly found out that, unlike us, this was…

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How To Successfully Crowdfund Your Next Album

Crowdfunding a project, business venture, or band is not easy work. We’ve failed and succeeded at this and something we’ve learned is that there has to be a good reason for why you’re asking people for their money. Once you’ve figured that out, plan out your tiers of rewards. This is crucial. Our successful crowdfunding project happened when our van, along with all of our merchandise and equipment, was stolen. At first, we thought we had nothing. Then we realized we still had our music – no one could steal that from…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Carbon Tigers ‘The Wars at Home’

For a band I had never had the pleasure of being introduced to before, Carbon Tigers knocked me off my feet with their EP, The Wars at Home. An EP can be a defining factor for many a band; will they land on your iPod or will they be just another thing Sara Anne likes on Facebook that you take no notice of? “Everybody Else” provides a narration filled with metaphors for how people try to float through life, and seems to hint at the fact that sometimes people give…

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