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We Can’t Let Fear Win

Tragedy can strike at a moment’s notice. We never know when it will happen and we can’t always be prepared for what comes after. My heart is heavy after the incident that occurred in Orlando. This is a scene that I have chosen to love and complete immerse myself in, and the same can be said for Christina Grimmie. It’s full of beautiful and amazing souls. It brings so much joy to the lives of countless people. But last night, a place we’re all supposed to feel safe was tainted….

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INTERVIEW: Christina Grimmie

If you’re one of the millions of people who watched season 6 of NBC’s The Voice, you already know the name Christina Grimmie – the YouTube sensation who soared all the way to the finale with her own eclectic mix of pop and R&B covers – very well. Now, with her YouTube videos garnering over 400 million views and her new singles “Cliche” and “Stay With Me” exploding on the iTunes charts, we felt it was time for a chat. Managing Editor Joe Ballard recently talked to Christina about her…

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