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Comedy Central Releases New Promo For The Roast Of Justin Bieber

Comedy Central released a new promo today for their upcoming Roast of Justin Bieber. The promo includes a shirtless Bieber being pelted with raw eggs – an obvious stab at an incident in which he was caught egging a neighbor’s home last year. You can watch the promo after the jump. The Roast of Justin Bieber premieres on Comedy Central on March 30th. Will you be tuning in? To hear more from Bieber, you can purchase a CD here. He currently has no tour dates listed, but be sure to buy concert…

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Musicians Weigh In On Jon Stewart’s Departure From The Daily Show

Today was a sad sad day throughout the country. The funniest man on TV, Jon Stewart, is stepping down from Comedy Central’s The Daily Show at the end of this season. No word yet as to who will be replacing him, but he replaced Craig Kilborn in 1999, so I guess it can change hands and the world won’t fall apart. See how musicians reacted to this news below and Comedy Central’s tweet on the matter. Let us know who YOU want to be the next host of The Daily…

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How To Pursue A Creative Career

When did the world become divided into creative and non-creative people? As little kids we all are creative. Whether it’s banging on some pots we stole, trying to sing along to some song we like, making up adventures for our lego people, or drawing on walls.  For the record Mom, some of the oldest found forms of human art were drawn on cave walls.  I’m sure my tiny self was just honoring their spirit, with my crayon on wall masterpieces…  Please follow and like us:

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COMEDY REVIEW: Bo Burnham ‘what.’

Get ready to massage your funny bones friends, because they are about to be very sore. Bo Burnham is a comedian and singer/songwriter hailing from Boston, Massachusetts. Burnham began making YouTube videos at 16. The first two songs he uploaded, “My Whole Family” and “My ‘Little’ Secret,” became Internet sensations and currently have over 10 million views, collectively. The songs Burnham produced were funny, yet extremely clever. He continued to upload videos, then, at age 17, signed a four-record deal with Comedy Central Records. A few days after his 18th…

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