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Fest 13 To Showcase Comedy

The Florida based music festival tweeted today that they would, once again, feature comedy acts during their event. The festival is predominately a punk rock festival, but it features an array of other acts, comedy included. It takes place throughout the downtown Gainesville, Florida area with shows in small clubs, large venues, and everywhere in between. There’s also food, a flea market, and countless activities for attendees to take part in. For more information on Fest 13, you can check out the website and buy concert tickets here. Please follow…

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How To Pursue A Creative Career

When did the world become divided into creative and non-creative people? As little kids we all are creative. Whether it’s banging on some pots we stole, trying to sing along to some song we like, making up adventures for our lego people, or drawing on walls.  For the record Mom, some of the oldest found forms of human art were drawn on cave walls.  I’m sure my tiny self was just honoring their spirit, with my crayon on wall masterpieces…  Please follow and like us:

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Tickets Still Available For PARAHOY!

Ever wanted to go on a cruise with some of your favorite bands? Well you still can! Tickets are still available for the PARAHOY! Festival and cruise. Check out the availability and pricing here and buy concert tickets here. Visit the official website for more information on the cruise details, including theme nights and rules of the cruise. Purchase a CD from one of the artists on the cruise to prepare yourself for a once in a lifetime event. For those of you who are not familiar with Doug Benson, check out his…

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COMEDY REVIEW: Bo Burnham ‘what.’

Get ready to massage your funny bones friends, because they are about to be very sore. Bo Burnham is a comedian and singer/songwriter hailing from Boston, Massachusetts. Burnham began making YouTube videos at 16. The first two songs he uploaded, “My Whole Family” and “My ‘Little’ Secret,” became Internet sensations and currently have over 10 million views, collectively. The songs Burnham produced were funny, yet extremely clever. He continued to upload videos, then, at age 17, signed a four-record deal with Comedy Central Records. A few days after his 18th…

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Top 8 Stand-Up Comedy Routines

The Lawsuits were kind enough to share their top 8 stand-up comedy acts with us. View them after the jump and check out The Lawsuits’ music, buy concert tickets and purchase a CD of Cool Cool Cool out October 1, right here. Please follow and like us:

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Best Of ’12: Staff Picks

  As 2012 comes to an end, and we get ready to welcome in the tunes of 2013, Infectious Magazine commemorates the year with our annual “best of” picks including best albums, live performances, songs, new artists, comedy and unsigned artists to check out in 2013. Check out a list of categories with links to our picks after the jump, and let us know your own picks in the comments! Please follow and like us:

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