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MY FIRST TIME: Commonweather

For our first self-titled EP, we were still feeling out the genre. Our previous bands were nothing like what we were trying do with Commonweather, so it was a really fun experience writing the new music. It was all very raw sounding and we definitely weren’t as “effect heavy” as we are now. We started writing it in January 2014 before we even announced we were a band, so we took our time with the release having no pressure. There’s a couple songs off of it that we still play today and they’re still some of my favorites we’ve ever written.  Please follow and like us:

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ALBUM REVIEW: Commonweather ‘Commonweather EP’

“The Albatross” starts Commonweather’s self-titled EP like the introduction to a concert. It opens it up beautifully, and the curtain being drawn up to reveal the band on stage almost seems like it could be tangible if I reached my hand towards it. There is a powerful emotion that seems deep-seeded into every line of the song, and it is conveyed through a style that will take listeners back to when alternative rock had grit to it. Everything about this track will implant listeners into the moodiest, homiest venue they can think…

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