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The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned: Music in Community Development

Sometimes we ride the same train. It’s easy for me, a non-descript white male, to blend in to the background. For them, even without their loud excited conversation about a studio session, not so much. Young African men in hip hop attire – an outward expression of belonging somewhere –  in a country that still largely treats them as “the other”, something to be feared. In late 2014 I moved my recording studio to a location in inner city Melbourne. Directly opposite one of the largest public housing estates, and…

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MUSIC CITIES: Albuquerque, New Mexico

In the heart of the South West around the Middle Rio Grande Valley Albuquerque, NM, there is a growing underground music scene full of youthful musical artists creating their own takes on staple music genres. From Indie Rock to Burque Reggae, Pop Punk to R&B and Pop they’ve got it all covered.  These young musicians are working hard on changing up the underground music movement in the area creating fun meaningful music for all to enjoy. Local Indie wonder boys Five Mile Float throw a party every show. They play…

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The Ostrich Farm: Combining Music and Charity To Create a Better Community Features Guest Blogs News Pop Punk Rock 

The Ostrich Farm: Combining Music And Charity To Create a Better Community

Things happen when people come together under common ground. Music is one of the many types of art that gives people common ground to stand on. I remember the first friendship I made in college was formed after a conversation about Blink 182. Our Blink 182 adoration got the conversation started and a friendship was born. It is our dream to create something that can make way for friendships to be born through our band, Ostrich Run’s music and the efforts of our charity, The Ostrich Farm. Please follow and…

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Get Together On The Regular: The Importance Of Music Communities

Become a part of an active local music community. If you can’t find one, create one. The support and challenges in collaboration have been essential to my growth as a musician. For me, a basement session started by veterans Kraig Jarret Johnson and Greg Wieczorek has become my weekly routine. There’s a reoccurring cast of characters, along with very special guests, and after two years I’m still hit with my fair share of delightful surprises and touching moments. These guys have it down. They’ve created a safe place on the…

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