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STREAM: Kevin Devine “Talking Freddie Gray Blues”

In response to the tragic events that happened earlier this week in Baltimore, Maryland, Kevin Devine used his music to try and get his message across. Devine released a song titled “Talking Freddie Gray Blues,” in honor of, you guessed it, Freddie Gray. You can stream the song and read the lyrics below the jump. The power and emotion in this song hit me hard me and I was reminded of how powerful music can be in times of social unrest. Less than a minute into the song, I had goosebumps all…

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Indie Band Refuses Pitiful McDonalds Offer (UPDATED)

If you haven’t heard, proud indie band Ex Cops recently refused a pathetic offer by Mcdonalds to basically be sponsored without getting paid a single dime.     Originally posted 3/5/15 Please follow and like us:

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Hostage Calm Fan Assaulted For “Same-Sex Marriage” Shirt

A fan of Hostage Calm was assaulted in a bar for wearing an “I Support Same-Sex Marriage” shirt. You can read the fan’s statement below. View tour dates and buy concert tickets or purchase a CD here.  Please follow and like us:

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Anti-Flag Release Bacon Shaped Vinyl

Anti-Flag are releasing a bacon shaped picture disc called….Bacon. The vinyl will be released on Dec. 27. Check out the artwork, tracklisting and a message from the band below. 1. Bacon 2. All Cops Are…A-Z As fellow record enthusiasts, we wanted to bring these new songs to you in a way that was truly special and also reflected everything that we here at AF all love about record collecting. So, with the help of our friends and vinyl wizards over at Pirates Press, here it is: a onetime pressing, limited to 500…

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