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The Bands’ Bands: Uncle Tupelo

bands’ band (bӕnds bӕnd) n 1. a musical group/person who is widely regarded amongst other musical groups/persons as worthy of adoration, despite said group/person’s lack of popularity and success within the music industry and/or amongst music consumers 2. talented beyond comprehension 3. tragically unlucky     Please follow and like us:

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ALBUM REVIEW: The Coffis Brothers And The Mountain Men ‘Wrong Side of the Road’

The Coffis Brothers And The Mountain Men’s second album, Wrong Side of the Road, begins with “I’m Gonna Find You.” The song’s medium-paced, steady riff welcomes the listener into a vibrant concoction of classic American sounds. Throughout the album, the music is very melodic, making it comfortable and easy listening — qualities that often make an album a classic. At the same time, Wrong Side of the Road challenges the listener by veering away from the mainstream and, instead, presenting a vintage Americana  sound: a blend of American music from different genres…

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