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The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned: Emotional Connection (How We Made 125k on Kickstarter)

This past year, our band launched a Kickstarter campaign that landed us on their front page and became the highest grossing music campaign of 2016. We asked our fans for $2,016, optimistic that we would surpass this symbolic goal, and ended up with over 125K a few weeks later. It was insane. We live in Nashville and several of our musician friends have asked us why we thought it was so successful. They want us to reverse-engineer the outcome, so they too can achieve mega crowd funding success with their fans. We…

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How To Successfully Crowdfund Your Next Album

Crowdfunding a project, business venture, or band is not easy work. We’ve failed and succeeded at this and something we’ve learned is that there has to be a good reason for why you’re asking people for their money. Once you’ve figured that out, plan out your tiers of rewards. This is crucial. Our successful crowdfunding project happened when our van, along with all of our merchandise and equipment, was stolen. At first, we thought we had nothing. Then we realized we still had our music – no one could steal that from…

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