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I recently got a chance to sit down, or rather, stand in a parking lot and talk with up and coming singer/songwriter, Mikey Wax. There was no green room so were were standing next to his lovely new minivan at Velo Cult which can only be described as the most Portland, Oregon place on the planet. It’s a bike shop and a pub. Told you it’s so very Portland. We discussed his first headlining tour and of course his music. Take a look at the conversation below! You can purchase…

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PLAYLIST: Growing Up Marissa

Hi there! My name is Marissa, and I have been writing for and living the dream with Infectious Magazine since February. I have always known that journalism was the right path for me, and I cannot thank Angela Mastrogiacomo enough for giving me this opportunity to combine my passion for writing and music by joining the team. Please follow and like us:

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GUEST BLOG: Top 5 Songs About Masturbation

I’m K Anderson, a London based singer-songwriter of the too-much-information variety. I sing about masturbation a lot in my new single, “Fuck Around.” But not that lusty, about-to-burst kind of wanking – the I’ve-got-nothing-better-to-do kind. To celebrate it’s release I thought I’d compile a list of the Top 5 Songs about Masturbation Please follow and like us:

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TOUR DIARY #2: Prides

We head to Philadelphia a day early to play an acoustic set at Sofar. Sofar is a great initiative started in London a few years ago, which now appears in pretty much every city in the world. We’ve done one in Glasgow before, so it’s strange to be doing the same thing a few thousand miles away. Sofar stands for ‘songs from a room’, and that’s exactly what it is. Someone offers up their front room as a venue, and bands are invited to do a stripped down set, without…

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TOUR DIARY #1: Prides

After an intense week of shows at SXSW we head out on tour with RAC. It’s our first time touring the U.S., so we were looking forward to seeing some new places. There’s 5 of us altogether, 3 in the band, plus our manager Ally and front of house Nick, which means for a tight squeeze in our hired SUV, the back of the car packed to the rafters with gear. We start at Dallas. This being the first night of the tour we weren’t sure what to expect, but…

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Hopeless Records Stream ‘Love Is Hopeless’

Hopeless Records are currently streaming their 2013 Love Is Hopeless comp. Check out the artwork and track list, along with album stream after the jump. Please follow and like us:

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