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10 Songs By Female-Fronted Bands That You Need To Hear

Unfortunately, despite the progressions we’ve made with sexism in the music industry, we still have a long way to go. Because of this, female fronted bands are often not taken very seriously. The music scene usually tends to expect them to conform to some ridiculous notion of having to be these risque and scantily dressed pop acts. Apparently woman are not allowed to form rock bands and play music that is apparently “male.” Despite this notion, you get waves of females that defy this so-called social norm. Here is a playlist…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Fine Fine Titans ‘Omega’

There’s no denying that the music industry (and pretty much every other industry these days) can sometimes seem predominantly male. But then little rays of light shine through and remind us that women are moving up the ladder and absolutely kicking ass in the process. Case in point: post-harcore band Fine Fine Titans, hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Female-fronted by Jennifer Bartlett, she proves she can rock with the best of them, especially on Fine Fine Titans’ newest album, Omega, out April 8th. With a range of vocals – from…

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