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WATCH: The Devil Wears Prada, “Daughter”

In the midst of working what is sure to be an epic album, The Devil Wears Prada have released a new single to tide fans over. The group premiered a music video for “Daughter” off of their forthcoming album Transit Blues due October 7. The haunting, intense song is complimented by some incredibly jarring visuals and a haunting narrative. The track is as heavy as Prada get, which is good news for fans anticipating their forthcoming album. Check out “Daughters” after the jump! You can purchase a concert ticket here or…

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PLAYLIST: Social Repose Tour Mix

Social Repose is currently on the Yalta Tour in support of his recently released album of the same name. But while out on tour, there is some down time for artists to listen to their favorite tracks. So we asked Social Repose what we’d likely find on his tour playlist, and this is what he came up with! To catch Social Repose on tour buy tickets here and check the tour dates after the playlist! Please follow and like us:

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10 Songs To Cry And Eat Pie To: From Start Of Pie To Finish

It’s been a long day. It’s been the longest of fucking days. Maybe you are in a band, but working part time as a bartender and you are tired of drunk men calling you cupcake. Maybe you have a crazy nine to five as an assistant to the person whose job you actually want to have. Private lessons cancel on you, rehearsal space rent comes sooner than you imagine, and people shove you on the subway because you are a tiny bug on the windshield of their important lives. On…

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GUEST BLOG: Music Can Bring You Back From The (Near) Dead

I knew I had to go all the way before I could come back, though I ran it pretty close. I can say without being dramatic that I probably only had a couple of hours left. Scared and cold and alone and clutching a bottle of vodka (that I was too sick by now to even drink), I went to the hospital. It took a month for the doctors to put me back together. I was 26 years old and I had to start all over again. The first thing…

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