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There’s Very Little Difference Between A Clash Song And A Johnny Cash Song; A Conversation With Cory Branan

Infectious Magazine: Alright, so let’s start things off with a trip to the wayback machine. I’ve always wondered, there’s a pretty big difference between 12 Songs and Mutt. What happened to cause that difference and where does Cory Branan go from here? Cory Branan: Hmmm. I didn’t know there was that much a difference. There’s a bit of time. Mutt was recorded two and a half years before it even came out but that’s just business and trying to get things done. I guess they are dissimilar records, but they’re…

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Joey Cape Announces Tony Sly Tribute Tour

Joey Cape, best known for being the frontman of Lagwagon, has announced that he will be hitting the road for a 24-date tour in memory of the life of Tony Sly, the frontman for No Use For A Name who passed away  in July of 2012. The tour will feature Joey Cape, Jon Snodgrass (of Drag The River) and Brian Wahlstrom performing as Scorpios. Tony Sly also used to be a part of Scorpios until his passing last year. Check out tour dates after the jump and buy concert tickets…

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