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Craig Owens Announces Acoustic Tour Dates News Rock 

Craig Owens Announces Acoustic Tour Dates

Craig Owens has unveiled the dates for his new acoustic tour, called Four Nights In Texas, where he will perform acoustic versions of songs by Chiodos, D.R.U.G.S., Cinematic Sunrise, some solo material and covers, plus “a few other fun surprises.” Owens stated “Playing acoustic provides me with the opportunity to connect in a much more intimate setting with fans. I believe it allows me to open up and be more vulnerable, tell stories, and communicate in ways that a full on rock show setting simply doesn’t. Growing up these were my favorite moments with…

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The Bands’ Bands: Weatherbox Bands' Bands Features Indie News Rock 

The Bands’ Bands: Weatherbox

bands’ band (bӕnds bӕnd) n 1. a musical group/person who is widely regarded amongst other musical groups/persons as worthy of adoration, despite said group/person’s lack of popularity and success within the music industry and/or amongst music consumers 2. talented beyond comprehension 3. tragically unlucky

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TRACK-BY-TRACK: Zak Smith ‘Precambrian Age’ Features Indie News Rock Track-By-Track 

TRACK-BY-TRACK: Zak Smith ‘Precambrian Age’

Zak Smith was kind enough to share a track-by-track of his new album, Precambrian Age with us. Check it out after the jump and be sure to check out more of his music, buy concert tickets, or purchase a CD here.

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The Maine “Love & Drugs” Music Video News 

The Maine “Love & Drugs” Music Video

The Maine released the music video for “Love & Drugs” from their latest album, Forever Halloween. You can purchase a CD and buy concert tickets for their co-headlining tour with Anberlin here. Watch the new video after the jump.

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WATCH: The Maine “Love And Drugs” Music Video Trailer News 

WATCH: The Maine “Love And Drugs” Music Video Trailer

The Maine has released a teaser trailer for their upcoming music video for “Love And Drugs.” Check out the video after the jump and stay tuned for the official video release on the 13th. Head here to buy concert tickets. Purchase a CD here.

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The Maine To Release New Music Video News 

The Maine To Release New Music Video

The Maine has just announced that their Love and Drugs music video will release 2 weeks from today, September 13th. Check back for more details about the video and the band’s new releases. Read a statement from John about the song on the band’s site here. Listen to their latest and purchase a CD here. Browse show dates and buy concert tickets here.

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