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ALBUM REVIEW: Yellowcard – Lift A Sail

Lift A Sail is possibly Yellowcard’s biggest album to date. The album sees the band, after nearly a decade; finally decide to reinvent their music by returning to their roots instead of punching out the contrived pop-punk anthems as they had grown accustomed to.  Lift A Sail is a massive rock album that draws influence from 90s alt-rock bands like Foo Fighters and Nirvana. Each guitar riff has been renewed with a blistering intensity and Nate Young’s (Anberlin) presence of the drums gives the album a bit of an early…

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10 Songs To Listen To This Valentine’s Day

If you are anything like me then you probably hate February 14.  The majority of Americans refer to it as “Valentine’s Day,” but I’m more keen on the alternative “Singles Awareness Day” simply because it has the acronym “S.A.D.”  Now, I’m not some single sad sally who is just annoyed that she is alone on Valentine’s Day (I will be spending it with my 8-month-old puppy, I will have you know) but I’ve found that every year when I’m in a relationship is when Valentine’s Day is actually the worst. …

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