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Get It Together

“My drummer forgot his snare, can he use yours”? Seriously, this happens. A lot. And I don’t mean to take a dig at drummers here with this. You can interchange any member and any piece of equipment in that statement and it would be just as relevant. I’ve been touring for the better part of the last decade, and in that time I won’t say that I’ve seen it all. But I’ve seen my damn fair share. At the end of the day it boils down to how you approach…

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Farewell, My Love and Famous Last Words Announce Co-Headlining Tour

Farewell, My love and Famous Last Words have announced a co-headlining tour scheduled for this summer with support from Sycamour and It Lives, It Breathes. Check out the complete list of tour dates and stops below the jump an let us know which show is closest to you. Farewell, My Love released their acoustic album, Wrapped Up In Pinstripes, in December while Famous Last Words released their short film, Two-Faced Charade, in March. To listen to more from the band, you can purchase a CD here. To check out the co-headlining tour, you can buy concert tickets here. Please follow and like…

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WATCH: Famous Last Words “Two-Faced Charade” Short Film

Post-hardcore band Famous Last Words have begun streaming their upcoming short film Two-Faced Charade: The Story Revealed. Check out the film below the jump and let us know what you think of it. According to the band, the film is based off their first studio album, Two-Faced Charade which was released in 2013 via InVogue Records and was adapted from the short story written by Nina Tollas, “A Two-Faced Charade (The Story Revealed)”. The 17-minute film takes you into the mind of a desperate psychopath who’s trying to get a girl’s attention. It…

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Famous Last Words Announce Co-headlining Tour Tear Out The Heart

Famous Last Words has announced an epic co-headlining tour with Tear Out The Heart for this spring. The tour, called The Touring Dead,  will be making stops around the United States. For All I Am will be coming along for the ride as support. You can check out all the dates, locations and the tour poster after the jump. If you want to listen to some music from Famous Last Words, you can purchase a CD here. If you want to listen to tunes from Tear Out The Heart, you…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Agree to Disagree ‘If You Think We Suck Now, Just Wait Til We Sell Out’

Overtime pop punk has become one of those genres that people feel they need to defend.  Though it is rather difficult to argue anything negative about the affects Blink-182 had on music, the modern stereotype of pop punk since Blink’s heyday has significantly been brought down due to repeated themes and overdone motifs.  Unfortunately, Agree to Disagree does not do much to help alleviate this situation. Please follow and like us:

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InVogue Records Sign Until We Are Ghosts

InVogue Records have sighed another band, Until We Are Ghosts, a Melodic Hardcore band from Rochester, NY. The band consists of five members Rob Anders vocals, James Blankenberg guitar, Jordan Blankenberg drums, Kevin Dickes bass, and Kyle Hapeman guitar. Fans of Hundredth or Counterparts would really like this band. You can give them a listen here. Until We Are Ghosts is set to release their new album Bitterseed on May 27. You can check out a track off of their upcoming album titled “Wearing Thin” below after the jump. The band is…

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InVogue Records Signs Whether, I

InVogue Records has recently sighed Whether, I, a metalcore band from Houston, Texas. The band consists of six members: Joshua Calhoun on vocals, Kaleb Eddy on clean vocals, Jordan Sweeny on guitar, Andrei Restrepo on guitar, Todd Lenting on bass, and Jonathan Amaya on drums. InVogue Records is a record company based in Findlay, Ohio. The label was founded by Nick Moore, lead singer of Before Their Eyes, in 2009. Some of the bands currently signed with the label are Being As An Ocean, Famous Last Words, Liferuiner, That’s Outrageous!,…

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Our Last Night News 

Our Last Night Announce Tour

Our Last Night have announced an upcoming tour along with Famous Last Words, Lions Lions, and SycAmour. The tour begins on Aug. 9, kicking off in Danbury, Connecticut. View tour dates after the jump, you can buy concert tickets or purchase a CD here.       Please follow and like us:

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Crown The Empire News 

Crown The Empire Spring Tour Dates

Crown The Empire have announced a tour with Palisades, Capture The Crown, Heartist and Famous Last Words. Check out the dates after the jump. Please follow and like us:

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