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We are officially moving into the Summer months! Yesterday, Apple announced the purchase of Beats (headphones and streaming) for a whopping $3 billion. Do you think this acquisition could have to do with an increase in popularity of streaming vs. purchasing songs on iTunes? It has been said that making a profit from solely a streaming website can be a struggle so we are not surprised it was acquired by the top music retailer. Tell us Infectious readers: Do you prefer streaming or buying a song on iTunes? Now onto our picks for the…

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The Bands’ Bands: Far

bands’ band (bӕnds bӕnd) n 1. a musical group/person who is widely regarded amongst other musical groups/persons as worthy of adoration, despite said group/person’s lack of popularity and success within the music industry and/or amongst music consumers 2. talented beyond comprehension 3. tragically unlucky Please follow and like us:

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Blink-182 Possibly Releasing New Song Monday

It Looks like Blink-182 may be releasing a new song called “Boxing Mitt” on either Monday or Tuesday. Check out an excerpt below and the full report here. One of our forum members went along to a Famous Stars And Straps event last night and managed to get a bit of info about the new EP from Travis, including the name of a song ‘Boxing Mitt’ and that the song and the rest of the track listing will be released Monday or Tuesday this week (10th or 11th December) Please follow and like us:

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