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ALBUM REVIEW: Matthew Vincent (The American Scene) & Alexander Correia ( The Tower & The Fool) Split

I admit to openly liking split EPs, when I know a lot of people don’t. One listen to the Matthew Vincent and Alexander Correia split, and I was hooked, and I know any anti-split listeners will fall madly in love as well. The split begins perfectly with Matthew Vincent’s “Wicked Thirst,” a beautiful acoustic track that will immediately captivate listeners. Each line is filled with stunning emotional depth. It’s a well-written piece, painted with lyrics resembling poetry, and music that is nothing short of fantastic. Please follow and like us:

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Was Green Day’s Album Trilogy A Flop?

Billboard recently broke down the numbers for Green Day’s ambitious album trilogy project, and the results are not so overwhelming.  Dos!, the second album has sold only 69,000 copies since its November release, while Tre! the third part has only sold 59,000 copies since being released earlier this month.  Those numbers are a far cry from the 215,000 copies that 2009’s 21st Century Breakdown sold in its first week.  The article also states that sales might have been higher if Green Day had been able to promote all three albums….

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