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There’s a lot to love about Boston. The House of Blues is not one of those things. Thankfully, watching Finnish rock band HIM perform an hour and a half set (plus encore!) inside the HOB more than made up for any location flaws. Taking the stage just after 9:30pm, the band opened with Love Metal favorite, “The Sacrament,” before diving into a slew of older material including “In Joy and Sorrow,” “Wings Of a Butterfly,” “Buried Alive By Love,” and “When Love and Death Embrace.” Aptly named the Love Metal Archives tour, the set…

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Live Review: The Royalty, Boston, MA

So, Copperfields, huh? The “place” to get a drink after a baseball game? The “place” to pre-game for the Sox? Don’t get too excited, the real treasures here are the bands that take the time to sate the hunger of us, New England fans. Trust me, I love my little corner of the country but this is, increasingly, becoming a problem amongst venues in the area. Bands bring people to your venue! They ease the sting of 6-dollar beers, a wait staff caught in the rut of a bad day…

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