SHOW REVIEW: Yellabird, Reverend Mothers, Boston, MA

There are certain bands that epitomize the essence of rock ‘n roll. Standing in front of you in the present, you’re transported instantly to the past. To the graffiti filled walls of CBGBs or the beer stained floors of your favorite punk rock dive. They display passion, charisma, and determination and last, but certainly not least: talent. Standing front and center at The Middle East in Cambridge, MA tonight, I find myself in a familiar situation. As the opening band, Reverend Mothers, takes the stage, there is an instant energy….

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The Exposed ‘Static Armageddon’ Review

If there’s such a thing as love at first site in the music industry (and let’s be honest, there is) then UK punk rock veterans, The Exposed are just that for Infectious Magazine. Since our very first interview with the band on the 2011 Vans Warped Tour, it’s been a lot of passionate car singing to their 2010 debut, In The Face Of Resistance, and a lot of wondering when the band would follow up that masterpiece. Please follow and like us:

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The Venetia Fair Launch Kickstarter

The Venetia Fair have launched a Kickstarter to help fund their next album. You can check out the details below and pledge here. We’re looking for $8,000 to get this thing made. Some will say that’s low, some will say that’s high, but the bottom line is that we didn’t make it up. We just did the math and that’s simply how much making our record the way we want to is going to cost. So what does that mean? How do we want to make it? If you’re only interested in…

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