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Frances Bean Cobain Condemns Lana Del Rey’s Comments About Death

In a recent interview with The Guardian, singer Lana Del Rey made some comments about the glamour of early death, stating that she wishes she was “dead already.” Del Rey claims that she was misquoted, or baited into giving such a response, but that hasn’t stopped people from attacking her over what she said. The 28-year-old Del Rey’s comments have caused a big response from the media, and now, Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of former Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, a musician famous for his untimely suicide, spoke out directly to…

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Lana Del Rey Claims Guardian Interviewer Twisted Words

Recently, Lana Del Rey was interviewed by The Guardian to promote her new album Ultraviolence. In the article, she was famously quoted as saying “I wish I was dead already,” and when told not to say that, responded “I do! I don’t want to have to keep doing this. But I am.” The article quickly went viral, but now the singer claims she was tricked into providing such answers, and referred to The Guardian as “sinister” and untrustworthy. Her tweets have since been deleted, but you can check them out, along with The Guardian’s…

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Escape The Fate Discuss Max Green And His “Betrayal”

For the second time, Escape the Fate bass player Max Green left the band to join Falling In Reverse this year. According to an interview with Alternative Press, the band felt betrayed by Green for once again leaving them high and dry. Escape the Fate are no strangers to controversy and bad press, with former vocalist Ronnie Radke basically losing his mind, badmouthing the band, and becoming public enemy number one when it comes to the whole music scene, inspiring whole songs about how much everyone hates him. Although things between…

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The Black Keys/Jack White Feud Is Now Available As Food

Following the recent feud between rock legend Jack White and The Black Keys, two restaurants have  now named menu items after the artists. Coming this July, The Black Keys Akron Burger will debut at California-based burger chain Umami Burger. The Black Keys features a beef patty topped with Velveeta fondue, “secret sauce,” yellow mustard, chopped onions and dill pickles. Additionally, for every burger bought, $1 will be donated to The Black Keys Alfred McMoore Memorial Endowment Fund at Akron Community Foundation. Meanwhile, in Australia, Gelato Messina has unveiled their newest flavor: Jack ‘N White,…

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Did Jack White Really Need To Apologize To The Black Keys?

Musicians have been accusing each other of ripping off their sound since the dawn of time. Everyone seems to think that they’re the first person to pick up an instrument and write a song, and that everything else is a cheap rip off. Recently, Jack White, formerly of one of the biggest rock bands in history, The White Stripes, fueled an ongoing feud with Ohio rockers, The Black Keys, who’ve just released an album called Turn Blue. White went after the band for copying his sound, and compared them to the musical…

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