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ALBUM REVIEW: Casey Desmond ‘Déjà Vu’

Right from the get go, Casey Desmond’s album is full of dynamic beats and interesting vocals. It seems Desmond has taken a cue from Swedish sensation Robyn, using poppy vocals with beats as a background. Although the sound may be familiar,  it is still a fun listen. Those who prefer bass drops to fist pumps will undoubtedly sneer at these tracks. Yet, they’d still likely be caught dancing to it in their room. Desmond’s big beats and clubby arrangements are the focal point of the album. However, her best moment…

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Album Review: Flatfoot 56 “Toil”

I find it fitting that the boys in Flatfoot 56 decided to name their newest release, Toil. It seems all they do is work. Hard. This becomes quite evident through every one of the thirteen hard-hitting tracks off of their newest offering. While I could discuss the talent it takes to make a mandolin sound like a native to the punk scene, or muse over how much smarter Flatfoot’s newest album is to anything that Dropkick Murphys have ever put out (since people are constantly putting them against each other),…

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