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What A Crazy Race: The Pursuit Of A “Career” In The Music Industry

Bumper to bumper, red lights at every turn & speed cameras taking you by surprise. Sound familiar? If you’re an artist in the music industry then you’ll quickly recognize the traffic parallels, there to greet and then block you around every corner (in that order). The pertinent question of the day, however – will you let it stop you in your tracks, or will you let it shape you into a better artist? Today the more obvious roadblock of music piracy gets most of the coverage, however whilst the rest…

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GUEST BLOG: How To Maximize Your Earnings As A Musician

Today more artists than ever before are making a living touring original music. Many small and mid-sized venues are thriving, and creative acts are finding new and intriguing ways to expand their reach beyond their local scene. Thanks to dozens of new technological tools, bands are finding it increasingly easy to find an audience – but coaxing the necessary dollars out of the wallets of your adoring public is still a challenge, and filling up the tank of your beaten-up tour van isn’t getting any cheaper. How, then, can you…

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WATCH: Oh Honey “Don’t You Worry, Love” Lyric Video

Oh Honey released their second EP, Sincerely, Yours, earlier this week. Yesterday, they released the lyric video for the first song on the EP, “Don’t You Worry, Love.”  If you think you haven’t heard of this duet, you are probably mistaken. The first song, “Be Okay,” on their debut EP, With Love. Has been in many film soundtracks and commercials in 2014. Watch the lyric video for “Don’t You Worry, Love” after the jump. Oh Honey is currently opening for American Authors on the Honda Civic Tour. I highly recommend getting tickets. Oh…

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WATCH: Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” Music Video

Ed Sheeran released the music video for the third single of X, “Thinking Out Loud” today. The music video is sensual and romantic. It’s very simplistic,consisting of just him and a girl dancing in a ballroom. He cheekily writes on Twitter, “I’ve learnt to dance…” This is fairly evident given the grace of the video. With so many music videos, these days, having complicated story lines and many different scenes, “Thinking Out Loud” stands out with it’s simplistic nature. Watch the music video after the jump and let us know what…

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Band of the Month October: Scribble Victory

It’s nearly October! You know what that means….time to bundle up with layers, scarves, pumpkins, and cider. But it also marks our October band of the month, Scribble Victory‘s latest release! On October 10th, the Derby, England natives will unveil Confidence, a 6 song EP that emulates the sounds of Owen, Frank Turner, and Fleetwood Mac. Check out our interview with Scribble Victory below, purchase a CD, buy concert tickets, and give the band a “like” on Facebook right here. Please follow and like us:

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REVIEW: Kyle Cox “The Plan, The Mess”

“I Ain’t Been Lonely, Until I Met You” kicks off Kyle Cox’s The Plan, The Mess, and is, quite admittedly, a perfect love song. The track tells the story of someone who has been stone-hearted and not needed anybody else until they meet this one person that really brings everything into perspective. With folksy, country edge, this will charm the socks off of anyone that listens to it (see also “Never Looking Back”). Guaranteed. Gentlemen, please take notes: this is what your girlfriend wants to hear. If you’re looking for…

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Michael Cera Releases Surprise Album

Actor Michael Cera has just released a surprise indie/folk album. Actor Jonah Hill tweeted a link to Cera’s debut full-length album and said that Cera is “not only a brilliant actor, he also makes great music.” The 18-track album is titled True That and is available via bandcamp. You can check out Jonah’s tweet and stream the album below. Cera isn’t touring but in the meantime, you can purchase a CD here. Please follow and like us:

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PLAYLIST: A Musical Bouquet (AKA Love Songs)

When we were still dating, Veronica had mentioned that she preferred not to receive real cut flowers since they always ended up dying in a few days. So in lieu of a real bouquet, I burned this playlist for her that consisted solely of flower-related songs and gave it to her when I picked her up one day at the airport. Check it out below. g Please follow and like us:

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INDUSTRY INTERVIEW: Cynthia Kahn (Amused Now)

In today’s industry interview, we chat with Amused Now founder Cynthia Kahn. If you’re not already familiar with the entertainment hub that is Amused Now, let us be the first to tell you: it’s awesome. Run by Kahn, the site brings talented creative individuals into the spotlight with their guest blogs, in depth interviews, and exclusive content. Now, I meet a lot of passionate individuals in this line of work, and let me tell you that Kahn is no exception. Always eager to promote local artists, authors, filmmakers and more, she puts her…

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New T-Shirt Designs!!

Infectious Magazine just launched two new shirt designs! We have 3 weeks to meet our goal and start infecting the masses with our message, so any love you can give these tees is much appreciated. And hey, if you like one of the designs, why not treat yourself? Grab your own Pick Your Poison tee HERE, and a Microphone tee HERE. Both are available in various designs and sizes, so take your pick!   Please follow and like us:

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