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ALBUM REVIEW: The Maine “Forever Halloween”

Let me start this off by being completely honest; I love The Maine. I love listening to their music, I go to their concerts, I buy the merch; I am a fan to my core. Forever Halloween is yet another shining example of why I am a fan. Please follow and like us:

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Interview: Here’s To The Heroes

Infectious Magazine chats with Here’s To The Heroes guitarist Curtis Boeing about finding the perfect label, summer festivals, the ‘90s and video games. Ah, nostalgia. Check it out after the jump.  Please follow and like us:

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Album Review: Hunter Valentine “Collide and Conquer”

  Hunter Valentine is a pop-solid rock group from Toronto, Ontario, Canada embarking on their latest studio offerings, Collide and Conquer out October 23rd, and conquer they very well do. At first impression with opener and first single “Liar Liar,” the foot lay heavy on the gas and the album is set into overdrive. Though it takes a bit to find its hook and set its feet on solid ground, they land a K.O. punch of a chorus just before the 0:45 second mark. By track two, they ease up…

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