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WATCH: Architects, “Gravity”

Architects have been touring relentlessly in support of their latest album, All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us. Still, they have managed to release stunning video clips for singles off of the album. The latest to get the music video treatment is “Gravity.” It is full of stunning live performance shots and sharp camerawork that compliments the atmospheric, heavy, and epic song. Check it out after the jump! You can purchase a concert ticket here or buy a CD here! Please follow and like us:

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ALBUM REVIEW: Zach E. West ’28 Years Later’

I write with a bit of sadness that I’m reviewing 28 Years Later, quite possibly the final album Zach E. West has created. For almost two years he has worked on this album, and I must say it is a work of art that must have paid off for him. He has a talent for expressing himself in ways that we all can understand and resonate with – not to mention he continues producing music that is absolutely mind-blowing to the average listener. I say this because, it’s not every…

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Infectious Magazine had the opportunity to interview Zach E. West, a musician who has been immersed in the music scene for 12 years. He has released his final album, 28 Years Later. He spoke with us on everything from the music industry, to a special someone who is the center of quite possibly his final song. Read on for the entire interview! To hear Zach E. West’s final album, You can purchase a CD here. Please follow and like us:

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Over the course of time, music has taken multiple twists and turns in numerous directions. One thing has always stayed the same: the feeling you get from it. When that song comes on during a drive, and all you can think about is that moment, and your heart swells with emotion, or you’re on a run and it comes blasting through your speakers, making you feel invincible. That’s what music does. It produces emotions in us that we may have forgot we could feel. It builds us up, it breaks…

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Pentimento Releases Statement Thanking Fans

Pentimento has released a lengthy thank you statement for their fans. Check it out below. There are no words I can use to express the gravity of what the past week has meant to our band. All I can draw up is that it has literally changed our lives forever. It was amazing to read all the messages people sent via e-mail/social media/otherwise. When I started to see what the initial response to the new record was, I couldn’t think to do anything but bawl my eyes out at the…

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