Grooveshark Calls It Quits After Legal Dispute

As of April 30, music streaming service Grooveshark has shut down. In a public statement written on their website, the Grooveshark admits to their wrongdoing of not acquiring the correct licenses to stream music. The music service once said that they were legally offering a streaming music service, but evidently this wasn’t the case. “Despite the best of intentions, we made very serious mistakes. We failed to secure licenses from rights holders for the vast amount of music on the service,” they wrote. “That was wrong. We apologize. Without reservation.”…

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GrooveShark To Host Broadcast With Shadow Of Whales

Do you know what the best part of working with so many amazing up and coming bands is? Getting to see them grow and expand their audience, taking on new and exciting ventures through various placements, bookings, and opportunities. Such is the case with Shadow Of Whales (for fans of: Franz Ferdinand, The Killers.) The Texas quintet has already seen coverage on KTBC – FOX 7, Music Biz Weekly, AbsolutePunk, and played the Austin Convention Center, and now they’re taking to the GrooveShark Broadcast system this Thursday 9/4 at 1pm EST for a…

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Where Can You Discover New Music?

One of my favorite things these days is discovering new music (and, of course, writing about it). Whether it is something shared on Facebook, stumbled upon on Tumblr, a band I tracked down that is supposed to be similar to one I already love, or even music I’ve been introduced to here on Infectious Magazine, there is no way to properly put into words my obsession with finding new music to listen to and adore. There are many well-known websites out there today that can aid in the search for…

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