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ALBUM REVIEW: Travis Hayes ‘Young Daze’

Albums about being young seem to be a dime a dozen, but when you hear one and it just sticks with you, that’s when you know it’s good. Travis Hayes’ Young Daze will entrance you and prove to be the refreshing, crisp sound you’ve been looking for. The opening track, “Song From a Movie,” really does sound like just that; a track that’s been in one of your favorite films. It’s entirely instrumental, reminiscent of the soundtrack to the climax of a rom-com (enter Billy Crystal running down Manhattan’s streets on New…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Adam Reczek ‘In the Night, For The Morning’

When you start listening to Andover, Massachusetts native Adam Reczek’s newest album In the Night, for the Morning, there will be something about his music that you’ll absolutely love… but you just won’t be able to put your finger on what it is exactly that keeps you listening. It might be his vocals that are at times wonderfully deep, or possibly the guitar twangs that embody the “folk” genre alongside magnificent electric guitar solos, reminding listeners that “rock” is also part of his sound. Or maybe it’s the overall retro…

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GUEST BLOG: The Mechanics Of Song Writing

It’s funny what can happen in a year. Almost exactly 365 days ago we were sat in Will’s garage with no songs, no lyrics and just about no idea how we were going to go about this writing business. So as is the way, we just started. Singing ideas to each other, playing little guitar parts we had saved up and trying to squeeze a song together. A week or so later and we had 4 songs. They might not have been great, in truth they were average to notably…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Adam Reczek ‘The Lost & Found EP’

If you’re a regular reader of Infectious Magazine, you may remember our review from November of last year, in which we praised Adam Reczek’s Buttoned From the Bottom Up. If you loved that, then stay with us, because it’s about to get even better. Comprised of tracks written when Reczek was 15-18, The Lost & Found EP is a touching look into Reczek’s early years. Blending smooth vocals, even guitar playing, and a little harmonica for good measure makes for an EP that is both relaxing and alluring in its charm….

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