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Mental Health Matters: Diabetes Mental Health Matters News 

Mental Health Matters: Diabetes

I’ve been a Type 1 diabetic for 27 years. At age 13, I came out of a near death coma with partial memory loss and a strong desire to master the solo in Metallica’s “One”. Since then I’ve dealt with the many pitfalls that come along with having a chronic condition in the Unites States. It’s affected every single aspect of my life, including being a touring and recording musician. Managing a healthy blood sugar level is a nonstop balancing act. It takes discipline and patience to adapt to changing…

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Avril Lavigne Asks Fans For “Prayers” [UPDATED] News Pop 

Avril Lavigne Asks Fans For “Prayers” [UPDATED]

Avril Lavigne has asked that her fans keep her in their prayers. While the specifics are currently unknown, the “Hello Kitty” singer has claimed that she has an undisclosed ailment. Through a fan’s Twitter account, Avril Lavigne revealed the biggest reason for not performing in the studio recently was because of illness. Below is the statement posted online in response. UPDATE #1: Lavigne opens up in a People Magazine issue that she believes she was bit by a tick in the spring of last year, causing her “mystery ailment” to be a…

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Modern Life Is War ‘Fever Hunting’ Track Listing News 

Modern Life Is War ‘Fever Hunting’ Track Listing

Modern Life Is War, one of the most influential hardcore bands, announced their reunion back in April and now they have announced their first record since 2007 titled Fever Hunting. This record will be released Sept. 3 via Deathwish Inc. Pre-ordering will be announced soon. Check out the album art and track listing below after the jump.  

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Geoff Rickly ‘Darker Matter’ Stream News 

Geoff Rickly ‘Darker Matter’ Stream

Geoff Rickly has released his second mixtape, Darker Matter for free download. In a blog post, Rickly expresses gratitude to his family, friends, and fans, and explains this mixtape is a documentation of his difficult year. Check out the album and his recent blog post after the jump. You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

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Shirts For A Cure Release New Designs News 

Shirts For A Cure Release New Designs

Shirts For A Cure have released a few new t-shirts, featuring the likes of Crown The Empire, We Are The In Crowd, and Mayday Parade. Click here to check out the shirts, the last few photos being the newest releases. Shirts For A Cure uses the proceeds of each shirt to help women fighting breast cancer, and their designs are exclusive, so it is a great cause.

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Paramore’s Hayley Williams Discusses Utah Cancellation News 

Paramore’s Hayley Williams Discusses Utah Cancellation

In response to earlier news of Paramore’s cancellation of their scheduled performance in Salt Lake City, Utah, Hayley Williams shed some light on her condition in a recent livejournal update. Check out Hayley’s comments after the jump.

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Paramore Cancels Salt Lake City Tour Date News 

Paramore Cancels Salt Lake City Tour Date

Paramore’s Hayley Williams is unfortunately still suffering from sickness; her condition hasn’t improved since the cancellation of the band’s scheduled performance on Conan last week. Consequentially, Paramore has cancelled their show in Salt Lake City, Utah at The Great Saltair and perhaps more cancellations will take place. Check out a statement from the band after the jump. 

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The Skies Revolt “Making Moves” Album Review Album Reviews News 

The Skies Revolt “Making Moves” Album Review

The Skies Revolt head into their Making Moves series with “For Your Health,” which is catchy, with a bitter undertone. The song is easy to latch onto, as it’s slightly repetitive, but who can resist those verses or that built-up bridge? I know I can’t. It brings the song into a new dimension, especially when you add in the group vocals, which really make the track stand out. “Germaine Throws It Up” starts off with aggressive synth and raw vocals. The lyrics are unabashedly honest, claiming, “This is just…” for…

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