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INDUSTRY INTERVIEW: Lawanda Johnson (Limerence Magazine)

Infectious Magazine recently chatted with Limerence Magazine editor Lawanda Johnson to discuss how she propelled herself into the field, advice for aspiring journalists and music industry hopefuls, how NOT to submit to a blog for coverage, and the power of social media. Check it out below.   Please follow and like us:

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INDUSTRY INTERVIEW: Chloe Bevan (Shout It Loud Reviews)

This week, we speak with Shout It Loud Reviews founder (and sole writer for the site!), Chloe Bevan. Based in the UK, and loaded with tons of passion and determination, Chloe started Shout It Loud Reviews just a few years ago, and has seen it grow to the incredible success it is today. Check out Chloe’s advice for getting started, submitting to music blogs, and even starting your own blog below. Please follow and like us:

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10 Tips To Songwriting

Writing songs has always been a part of who we are. Growing up we would write with what we knew at the time, and we fell in love with the idea that you can make an incredible piece of history in one moment out of nothing but your voice. Now that we’ve grown up a bit we are still in awe of what we do. Now we appreciate that we get to make a career doing something that we love. After writing for some time, you start to develop a…

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INDUSTRY INTERVIEW: Cynthia Kahn (Amused Now)

In today’s industry interview, we chat with Amused Now founder Cynthia Kahn. If you’re not already familiar with the entertainment hub that is Amused Now, let us be the first to tell you: it’s awesome. Run by Kahn, the site brings talented creative individuals into the spotlight with their guest blogs, in depth interviews, and exclusive content. Now, I meet a lot of passionate individuals in this line of work, and let me tell you that Kahn is no exception. Always eager to promote local artists, authors, filmmakers and more, she puts her…

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Guest Blog: Eat Shit, Get Up, Ride The Damn Bike Again.

It was a cold afternoon in the middle of the desert. I was about to begin filming day 1 of 3 of a music video trilogy. It was truly a picturesque day, the dry river beds were glistening in the sunlight. I hoped on the back of a moped that we were using as a picture vehicle to transport to our location. My 2nd Assistant Camera and one of my best friends, Brett Solem jumped on the other. We cruised down an empty road, we watched a crop duster fly…

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4 Essential Tips To Appeal To A Record Label Or A&R

Heavy Rotation Records (HRR), an established student-run record label at Berklee College of Music, is operated by musicians for musicians and expands careers by offering opportunities in all aspects of the music industry. Here are some of our tips, as business students, and also as fellow artists, on how to appeal to a record label or A&R.  Please follow and like us:

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The Plight of The Working Class Band

You can’t begrudge anyone having privileged start in life, but when you roll up to a venue in your knackered death-trap of a former Royal Mail delivery van which you’ve been crammed into along with all of your gear and your flatulent guitarist for the past agonizing 5 hours and you see the fresh-faced support act, barely out of school, unloading a drum kit worth more than your van from their dad-bought dad-driven spacious tourbus complete with XBox, it can be hard to not to feel a nauseating mixture of…

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What to consider when planning a show News 

Things To Consider When Planning Your Concert

The National in a random Bushwick loft – Feist in a crypt – Pat Metheny in a Church.  These performances are singular events and give fans something unique to leave the house for (other than the same old smelly bars).  Organizing your own shows can be great for the artist also. You have complete control about how every aspect of your work is presented, and depending on how well organized you are you can make quite a bit more money.  But pulling everything together, as I found when my band…

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How To Successfully Crowdfund Your Next Album

Crowdfunding a project, business venture, or band is not easy work. We’ve failed and succeeded at this and something we’ve learned is that there has to be a good reason for why you’re asking people for their money. Once you’ve figured that out, plan out your tiers of rewards. This is crucial. Our successful crowdfunding project happened when our van, along with all of our merchandise and equipment, was stolen. At first, we thought we had nothing. Then we realized we still had our music – no one could steal that from…

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GUEST BLOG: Year of 100 Performances, Part 1

“This is the year I do it.” I said to myself on New Years Eve 2012, among hundreds of tourists on the Brooklyn Bridge, waiting to celebrate the change into a New Year, “This is the year of 100 performances.” Please follow and like us:

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