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ALBUM REVIEW: Ghost Town ‘The After Party’

High energy and a haunting theme is what you’ll find from electronic rock band Ghost Town’s new album, The After Party, out June 17th. Called an “audio and visual movement ahead of its time” on their Facebook page, as well as said to “[cater] to the young generation of today while keeping true to the underground scene they come from,” The After Party was definitely an interesting album as a first time Ghost Town listener. From what people would call a sort of “emo” sound that the band encompasses, to…

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Rocket & The Ghost Features Indie News Rock Track-By-Track 

TRACK-BY-TRACK: Rocket & The Ghost Self-Titled EP

Rocket & The Ghost were kind enough to share a track-by-track of their self-titled EP with us. Check it out after the jump and be sure to check out more of their music, buy concert tickets, or purchase a CD when it drops November 5th right here. Please follow and like us:

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